About Us

Your Trusted Partner For Registration Solutions!

We specialize in assisting our clients with automation and digital transformation. Our expertise lies in a wide range of services including Events Registration, Event Attendance, Payment Collection, Expo Registration, Stall Visitor Management.

1. Event Management Services

We've embraced the digital shift, transforming event management. Our platform seamlessly handles Online Registration, Attendance Tracking, and secure Payment Collection, redefining convenience. Post-event, our comprehensive attendance report provides valuable insights. Experience the future of event management with us.

2.Event Registration And Ticketing

Event Registration and Ticketing includes Event pre registration, Spot registration, Entry pass generation, Payment Collection, Security Check, Post Expo Follow-up, Crowd Control, Logistics Plan and more.

3.Mobile Apps

Utilise cutting-edge mobile app development solutions to transform your company. For the iOS and Android platforms, our talented team creates high-performance, user-focused mobile applications for your Events, Expo, Conference. Get a free consultation.

Mission And Vision

At Yeppo Booking We are dedicated to providing accessible, secure, and user-friendly event ticketing services, enhancing the way people discover, access, and enjoy events, while fostering lasting connections between event organizers and attendees.

To become the premier platform for event ticketing, providing seamless access to a world of unforgettable experiences.